Dear well-wishers, Friends, Patrons, we are back after a gap for some time. The pandemic has brought in a sea-change in our life-style and a new normal is more than a reality. But it has brought in more demand for inclusivity and Access to Finance as a craving need for a larger section of the population, especially the Lower and the middle tier. The pandemic effect is leaving a deep scar, from unprecedented body counts, devastation & destitution to millions of home and businesses, in almost every corner of the world, somewhere more, somewhere moderate. Since we live today in a world as a global village disruption and devastation affects us all in some degree or other

But out of the ravages comes the new lease of life, renewed lust for life and human civilisation takes another onward invigorating step coming around to survive with the anguish of the lost dear ones, of lost life & livelihood of the countless. But history of modern civilisation has taught us how to rebound after the fiercest of wars, or after the deadly Spanish Flu or the two world wars with two decades in the twentieth century. Human civilisation rebounded in a great way since 1945. Covid-19 Pandemic too is showing signs of abating with spurts of different variants in some country or the other. In most countries where vaccination drive has reached a critical mass life is slowly returning to normal. There is every chance of revival of some spike here and there, but people in general is learning to live with the Covid after effects.

What is usual after this kind unprecedented whole some disruption is the natural tendency to bounce back. In retrospect we find not everything is dead and the civilisation brought in behavioural changes and it reflects .Digital uptake has been one such phenomenon and although the richer or more affluent section of the people reaped the maximum dividends It has been a great leveller as even the lower middle stratum people, attuned somewhat of this ongoing process quickly adapted to this changing life style. Out of the devastation the civilisation brings in new dawn of opportunities. There have been many which FFIFS wants to dissect and understand how it has changed. With this end in view we start our 2022 journey with a renewed vigour and resolution that let us make 2022 a year of consolidation and a launch pad to recover lost grounds and rediscover the lost momentum and recoup the stalled onward march to inclusive growth agenda afresh and for all those to whom it matters the most.

Throughout 2022 we shall bring to you all and coax to engage with many topics of vital importance to our well being and stability. Watch Out for more news of events and other engagement’s from this February month onwards.

FFIFS calls upon all - Join us, engage with us, keep stride with us, stay relevant, safe & help each other to grow together.

FFIFS is the creation of a Forum that will undertake research, policy and regulatory reforms, data sharing points, hold conferences, seminars, symposium, surveys, assist in scalable replicable pilots cases, deeper studies, accelerate adoption and use cases of Mobile based services delivery metrics in all emerging markets with the aim to also replicate the successful models in Asia & Africa in various consulting capacities in partnership with many entities, in a non-conflict operating model.

We are currently drafting the Organisational structure and governance in line with the objectives of the Forum and aim to have something public in the coming months, starting with a website for the basis of initial communications.We will also be working with volunteers within specific interest areas like in technology, remittance, Policy and Regulations, Agent and Postal Banking, Device Management, Business Models for Branchless Banking, Marginalised community Improvement in payment systems integration with the latest Contactless payment technology by our Partners in Bangladesh, Myanmar & other countries.

The Forum is an International entity which is a continuation and merger with UK based ACMFI FORUM to serve worldwide but emerging markets mostly for the upliftment of the marginalised community everywhere

  • Promote an all inclusive financial systems and accelerate the adoption of same to serve the masses and bridge the disconnection between the included, the excluded & underserved & the unbanked as also the under-banked, urban and rural communities in all emerging markets globally.
  • Assist Regulators, businesses, solution providers, financial Institutions, micro finance organizations, International development agencies and all stakeholders to understand the needs of the community in the emerging sector and help syndicate in collaborative projects
  • Champion a private sector led fund as also PPT MODEL to infuse the needed capital to enable easier entry into the Asian & African markets specially.
  • Establish the first Library service that is dedicated to Mobile financial inclusion with contents and materials from all over the world for research and study purposes that is relevant to financial inclusion in the Emerging markets.

  • Organisation of Events & Seminars on topics relevant for onward societal benefits
  • Deep Dive -Research.Surveys.
  • Trainings
  • Consulting & Turnkey projects
  • Industry standards promotion and membership association.
  • End user customer education and protection.
  • Planning and advisory services
  • Misc.other services ancillary to the above

BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure
BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure

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