The Forum is an International entity which is a continuation and merger with UK based ACMFI FORUM to serve worldwide but emerging markets mostly for the upliftment of the marginalised community everywhere


  • Promote an all inclusive financial systems and accelerate the adoption of same to serve the masses and bridge the disconnection between the included, the excluded & underserved & the unbanked as also the under-banked, urban and rural communities in all emerging markets globally. 
  • Assist Regulators, businesses, solution providers, financial Institutions, micro finance organizations, International development agencies and all stakeholders to understand the needs of the community in the emerging sector and help syndicate in collaborative projects 
  • Champion a private sector led fund as also PPT MODEL to infuse the needed capital to enable easier entry into the Asian & African markets specially.
  • Establish the first Library service that is dedicated to Mobile financial inclusion with contents and materials from all over the world for research and study purposes that is relevant to financial inclusion in the Emerging markets.

BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure
BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure

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