Ffifs is a culmination of many streams and rivulets transforming into a major river that flows into the gigantic ocean of sustainable development agenda across regions, applied to the specifics of a given country. And like the waters of different seas, the colour is different but uniformity of intent is the same, for creating a sustainable community, by aligning many like minded or even adversaries & conflicting thoughts into a frictionless common cause for public good. Naturally the transformation that is happening takes shapes the way it is being done as to the stage of development in the given country. Therefore we prefer mostly big sized projects so that the transformation sought have some visible impact. We start therefore with an approach paper, sometimes build into an advocacy programme where multi stake holders are brought in, keeping in mind, that all obstacles or barriers cannot be done away with in today’s increasingly connected world. But borders and barriers remain. Our thought leadership always try to borrow the best practices wherever it is from and shaped within the realm of the local conditions.  

This Thinking Ahead always leads to disruptive transformation, as we experienced working in African countries and then into Asian economies, countries  as varied from Nigeria, Kenya Rwanda to Asian countries like Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia. In India, we even borrowed bits of Brazil’s early financial inclusion model & made it an Indian story which is a shining example with Aadhar platform, JanDhan project as Zero balance account opening with mobile first under UPI payment rail – the JAM trinity as often called, & made it a shining story. It transformed & leapfrogged India into a strong digital economy, ranked and compared only with China, although we were behind in almost about a decade. Similarly Bangladesh, a minnow in every respect have progressed leaps and bounds & even surpassed India’s individual  GDP ranking with even higher HDI ranking. So we recognised this macro factors while designing the MFI transformation project there, when we considered the evolving banking structure in Bangladesh & applied local conditions while trying to empower the MFI loan origination, disbursement & collection process in its entirety. These are typical Macro for Micro project illustration 

The same process was applied while working in another transformation project in Indonesia a country rapidly rising to be another BIG Asian power house after China, Japan & India. But many challenges were to be circumvented, because Indonesia is unique, neither there could be a Chinese or an Indian model to follow to the core of Financial Inclusion and integration with payment systems.

Working in so many different countries with differing religion, mores , languages, cultural subsets, one thing we learnt that our Advocacy or projects are always predictive, at least some transformative value which disrupts the current value chain & unleash far more productive prowess which benefits all the stake holders in a win-win situation.   

This way in any country we work in, very selectively, we always enter in a very small unnoticed way and entrench ourselves to work steadfastly for coming out with something tangible, which turns to be different and all the stake holders embrace it with open arms as we live up to the promise we make and beneficiaries welcome it .This way we are always on the ground while thinking ahead. Hence be it Bridging Digital Divide mapping Financial Inclusion & integration with payment systems development & moving onto latest Digital Disruptions & empowerment with AI, ML on the one hand while watching the sustainability issues under the ESG focus we are always thinking ahead while staying relevant.       

BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure
BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure

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