From Advocacy to project implementation, sometimes is a long road ahead. But we do it in a way that it always leads to transformative changes for all the stake holders, especially for the community it is intended for. Our Deep Dive efforts take a collaborative route where we first pick a topic, a trend or a set of trends which we believe has a far reaching impact, either already in force or in latet form, which is likely to imapct our life and suuroundings in a significant way. 

In 2015 we took up the Transacting Jan Dhan series because it was building a momentum and could possibly turn into a transfomative change in people's uptake in banking. The Zero Balance Account opening syndrome in many facets & forms have been there since 2005, especially since 2007 onwards when Financial Inclusion gradually became a universal reference point of discussion globally. In India FFIFS & its other predecessor organisatons have been at it since its inception. But it has seen bumpy rides, sometimes picking up and sometimes flagging down. Banks were having tremendous inertia to dive it full throttle,obviously calculaing on a cost benefit ratio.But soon came the Modi government Jan Dhan project and its application,monitoring & impact was unprecedented. The idea of opening bank account, anabling Aadhar platform and using UPI for seamless account based transfer of funds purely on Government 2 People remittance purpose, whether for work or for dole have been debated and its efficacy measured. By simply altering channels for Cash Transfers, Conditional as in Brazil's Bolsa Familia programme ,or fuel or other susbsidy programmes of the Governments in India, for both the Union or the Central Government, were designed to be curtailed by minimising cash circulation. India happened to be one of the top 10 GDP ranked countries, saddled with a huge Cash to GDP ratio at a whopping 12% in 2015-16, comapred to 5-6% with comparable BRICS nation.So the JAM trinity - Jan Dhan,Aadhar & mobile financial services if made to work in tandem can help bring India's cash economy to a Digital economy in transition. And now after abortive experience of Demoneytisation, it is gradually proving that the years of painstaking efforts to push digital financial channel bore fruit duringthe pandemic as people readily perforce embraced digital way of paying using UPI Channel based on a bank account. So what we tried to predict & prescribed bore fruit in the next 3-4 years, what Government push failed to achieve, the Pandemic shove did the trick. So our Catchline remains - all good work pays back in time. 


BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure
BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure

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