Working with an intent to undertake transformative project/s, however small in size is always much bigger than most & has its own challenges. The process is always tedious as to first identify opportunities and fit it to a purpose & make it sustainable in the long term for the very people who the project is for, by the undertakers & for the intended, as the stake holders. There have been many instances that the original mover faded away and so the entire effort died leaving not only monetary losses, but a distrust and disbelief onto the entire process. It has happened irrespective, whether it is a government project, or a private led projects. But what stood out in the end the efforts or initiative always rebounded and newer form factors emerged & new players emerged. So a failed project, apparently, breeds for harder relook what went wrong, drove us to drawing boards and re-launch ourselves over. And it has helped build our network, lasting friendship, camaraderie in every country & our organisation has grown organically. So opportunities are ever increasing and during the last two years total disruption and dislocation whereby 3 of our big projects are on hold, as we cannot travel out, the years ahead will be pay us rich dividends hopefully to work with even greater purpose and cohesion. By  this re-launching we are reaching out to all of our peers in each country and let us all work together to make up and cover up the lost time we were held back.

Join the Discourse  

We are foremost of all a group of people, ever expanding in many countries, thinkers & managers of highest order, having footprints in many varied segments of work experience. It always leads to many openings and ideation which requires newer ideas & interventions. We are therefore a creating a vibrant forum and a blog where you can follow the dialogue that is going on, or a Deep- Dive underway, like the current BNPL India Deep Dive , where you can join the discourse through any of the enlarged channels that we shall  be bring forth during the next few months .Or You can throw your idea or a work that we find of interest.

Watch Out and Join the Discourse. Help and grow with us while thinking ahead & staying relevant.                          

BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure
BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure

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