Starting from Digital Public Telephone project in West Bengal in the year 2002 - 2007, alligning  in sync with the Mission 2007 movement launched by Renowned Professor Swaminathan, with hundreds of  top companies and grass root level organisations ,which ultimately led to the NeGP - National eGovernance project ,then moving onto Financial Inclusion & Payment Systems development, which culminated in such gigantic national projects of Aadhar, UPI, these decade long sustained efforts have put India on top of the ICT world. Whether it is Aadhar Biometric authentication, or seamless cardless remittances today which is powering the online retail boom, transcending & moving beyond tier I and II cities in India,It has been a fascinating journey. And it is still evolving. FFIFS & it's earlier formations in different names have been always in thick of things. 

Soon team FFIFS also transcended boundaries and our work spread from African continent in Kenya, Nigeria,Cameroon,Ghana & moved to APAC region starting with Bangladesh, a roaring tiger springing to life, from such Asian powerhouses like Singapore, Indonesia & Malaysia in sophisticated Payment system development for many projects.                  

BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure
BNPL India Deep Dive Brochure

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